Yosemite Park Hantavirus Outbreak

Yosemite Park Hantavirus Outbreak 

Approximately 10,000 tourists who visited Yosemite National Park this summer may have been exposed to Hantavirus and are at risk of contracting Hantavirus. This is a debilitating and flu-like rodent-borne disease caused by deer mice. Deer mice had apparently populated Curry Village, High Sierra and other Yosemite camps for quite some time. We believe park employees allowed park visitors to be exposed, even after they were aware of previous visitors having gotten sick with Hantavirus.

On August 25th, Yosemite Park sent nearly 3000 letters to individuals and families who stayed at cabins at Curry Village warning of the outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that more than 10,000 people were exposed to deer mice while staying in the cabins this past summer.

As of September 10, 2012, eight people are known to have contracted Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome between June 2012 and August 15, 2012. Seven of the eight individuals stayed in a cabin in Curry Village. So far, three deaths have been confirmed.

Information is quickly coming to light that Yosemite Park employees and private concession camp employees may have known for quite some time about the deer mice infestation, but did not adequately disclose or warn about the potential harm to park visitors, campers, or their friends.

Nadrich & Cohen is currently reviewing claims and investigating the background of the outbreak to determine grounds for a lawsuit for financial recovery for Hantavirus victims. Nadrich and Cohen has 18 offices throughout California, including offices in Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego.

So far there are at least eight confirmed cases of the Hantavirus virus among Yosemite Park tourists including, sadly, three deaths. The virus can be in someone’s system for up to six weeks before symptoms become evident. The first sign that someone has contracted Hantavirus is the onset of flu-like symptoms, which can first appear up to six weeks after first exposure.

Symptoms of Hantavirus include:

Ultimately, the disease can lead to hemorrhagic fever, renal or kidney failure and death. These conditions can also result in pulmonary syndromes which can lead to cardiovascular shock.

If you or a loved one visited or camped at Yosemite Park and have experienced any of the above symptoms please contact our law firm, only after you first obtain medical advice, to see if you are entitled to a monetary recovery.

There are an additional 12,000 visitors, who stayed at camps such as the High Sierra camps, located on Yosemite Park’s outer perimeter.

The virus is caused by rodents. It is a rodent-borne disease. The cabins at Curry Village had been infested with rodents for quite some time. The droppings from deer mice are believed to have transmitted the virus to humans.

Grounds for our lawsuit includes that the park may have known of the infestation, droppings and dangers as early as 2010.

Nadrich & Cohen is investigating injury claims, with the possibility of pursuing a class-action for those who have been diagnosed with Hantavirus from exposure at Yosemite Park while visiting or staying at Curry Village, High Sierra or other Yosemite Park camps .

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